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Fintech Innovators

Empowering Your Financial Future with our Cutting-Edge Fintech Solutions


Trading Platform: EVL-Dev Web Platform for Back-test & Trading Implement

Data Analysis: Machine Learning, & AI (new LLaMa2 Tech)

Investment Advisor: AI Robot Advisor

Cloud Service: NoSQL Database, Docker Distribution.

Web 3.0: Blockchain & NFT


Strategy  Management 

Multi-Strategies:Quant Strategy, Event-Driven, Long Short, Portfolio Optimization, CTA Strategy, IPO Strategy

Multi-Assets:Equity/ETF/Future/Warrant/FX/Other Derivatives

Automated Trading Platform :  Algo Trade/Quant Trade/ Semi- Automated Trade


Risk Management

Risk Management Platform: 

     - EVL-Dev Web Platform (Trading Analysis)

      -Grafana Docker Service (Portfolio Analysis)


About Us

Ever-Long Investment Strategy Company Limited is a leading Fintech company that provides comprehensive financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals. We are dedicated to leveraging technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to create user-centric platforms and tools that enhance financial management, foster long-term financial well-being and drive sustainable growth.

Mission and Values

"Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses with innovative financial solutions that simplify complex processes, drive financial inclusion, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Through continuous research, collaboration with industry leaders, and a commitment to excellence, we strive to be at the forefront of the FinTech industry, enabling our customers to achieve their financial goals and navigate the digital economy with confidence."

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to putting customer interests first, creating value for our customers, and ensuring their financial security and satisfaction.



1.Web 3.0

Support  web 3.0 technology platform development, integrating blockchain, NFT and other decentralization applications for more efficient data storage and verification services.

5. NLP & LLM

Text analysis and LLM technology. Provides automated text analysis of financial market news, company news and company financial reports, focusing on strategy development or research report summarization and deduction.

2.Data Analysis

Supporting large-scale data analysis by machine learning and AI, such as credit & loan behavior recognition, traditional industry marketing optimization and wealth management risk management.

6.Robo Advisors

Implement AI-powered robo advisors to offer personalized investment advice, optimizing portfolio management strategies.

3.App & Cloud Deployment

Develop mobile apps, web terminals, docker packages or cloud services for more efficient and user-friendly financial customized services.

7.Knowledge and Relationship Graph

Capital market relationship graph.Including IPO machine learning strategy analysis, major shareholder shareholding structure and institutional shareholding correlation.

4.Financial API & Database

Integrate financial APIs to provide real-time access to data, enabling automated transactions and accurate reporting.
Support for NoSQL Database & Vector Database Development.

8. Cryptocurrency Wallet

Develop a customized cryptocurrency wallet with advanced security features, enabling secure storage and easy transactions.
Connect with multi exchanges by mobile or web services along with risk control system.


Strategy Management

1. Algo Trade

Assist clients develop and backtest strategies and auto trade by proprietary API interfaces or trading platform.
Support trading execution optimization and cost deduction.

2. Quant Platform

VNPY_EVL Auto Trading Platform, integrating multi brokers API across global markets and multi assets with low latency by event driven engine structure.

3. Web Terminal

EVL-Dev Web Terminal.Support lightweight Back-Test & Trading Implement by realtime Graph & Indicators interaction.

Risk Management

Risk Assessment Solutions

Provide advanced risk assessment solutions utilizing machine learning algorithms, assisting in real time porftolio monitor, strategy evlautaion & sensitilibit analysis.

Middle-platform system

The Auto-settlement platform system assists enterprises in fully automated settlement , risk system deployment, online account opening, and multi-market-assets management.


Meet the Team

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